Electronic Medical Records Are Here To Stay

No matter what software is being implemented the following must be taken into consideration in order to increase utilization, reduce frustration and maintain productivity.

Hands on, role specific training based on clearly defined workflows
Assessment of PC skills and typing ability of all who will utilize the EMR
Chart abstractions

At go live:
Onsite support that has been briefed on workflows that were used in trainiing
Clearly defined process for issue reporting, escalation and end user updates
Handling enhancement/change requests

Post implementation:
Ongoing user support
Ongoing training (refresher, optimization & new hire)
Communication to end users (Software updates, tips & tricks)

I have worked successfully in each area listed. It must be clearly communicated that documenting patient care electronically is different than charting on paper – not better or worse but definitely different. Every patient is a new patient the first time they are seen post-implementation. It will take time and practice to become comfortable and adept at electronic charting.

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